Reading labels can be a little overwhelming. It alwasy reminds me of this scene from the "Odd Couple II." If it's labeled anything, it will be filled with another. 







- celery

- peaches

- strawberries

- apples

- blueberries

- nectarines

- peppers

- leafy greens 

- cherries

- potatoes

- grapes

- lettuce 




Nightshades are a family of plants that contain specific alkaloid compounds that can be irritating to those suffering joint pain and inflammation 



- white potatoes

- eggplant

- peppers (bell, hot, chilli powder,

cayenne, chipolte)




Goitrogens block the conversion on T4 to T3 for thyroid use and interferes with iodine uptake

If you eat these foods, they must be COOKED down completely (not steamed)


- cabbage

- broccoli

- brussel sprouts

- rutabega

- turnips

- cauliflower

- millet

- kale 

- spinach 






Fermentable, oligo, di,

mono-saccharides and polyols


These are short chain carbs that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine. Low FODMAP diets benefits IBS. Not everyone has the same level of sensitivity




Your go-to list for conusming and cooking oils. Your purchase guide for mono and polyunsaturates should be bought in a dark glass bottled (no plastic), cold pressed (watch out for cold processed), and keep in a dark cupboard.



Stick with this list like a stick of butter:


Saturated fats (high-heat cooking)

Solid at room temperature 

-coconut oil


-tallow/ beef fat

-palm oil


-duck fat


Monounsaturated oils (low-heat cooking)

-olive oil                         -EVOO

-macadamia nut oil          -hazelnut oil

-avocado oil                    -almond oil


Polyunsaturated oils (AVOID cooking with)

-walnut oil                      -hemp oil

-sesame seed oil              -pumpkin oil

-fish oil                           -flaxseed oil



AVOID buying or consuming the following:


-smart balance

-buttery spreads

-grapeseed oil

-vegetable spreads

-it's not butter

-sunflower oil

-rice bran oil

-peanut oil

-rice bran oil 

-safflower oil

-cottonseed oil

-canola oil/ shortening

-soybean oil

-corn oil

-trans fats

-partially or fully hygrogenated oils

-rapeseed oil


ALL POLYUNSATURATES ARE USED IN DEEP FRYING. THEY WOULDN’T DARE USE EXPENSIVE STABLE FATS LIKE SATURATES FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. Did you know that food manufactures took on the name “Vegetable Oils” to make them sound healthy, when in fact there are no TRUE vegetable oils? Corn is a grain. Cottonseed comes from cotton. To get these plants to produce “oil” takes a lot of refinery and other chemical processes. 












There are 64 and counting names for sugars and sweeteners... a general guideline is anything that ends in -ose is derived from sugar, but there are hidden names that might sound healthy. Get to know your ingredients!


I don't have a sweet tooth. I have sweet teeth. Why is sugar so addicting? Sugar and other sweeteners lights up the same chemical pathways as addicting drugs like heroine and cocaine. Your brain literally gets addicted the moment sugar touches your tongue. How do we ween ourselves off this killer? STOP IT. Just stop. 


READ LABELS. SUGAR IS IN JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. When the low fat industry hit, what do you think they replaced all the fat with? ... A cheap and very addicting compound.


NEVER consume artificial sweeteners

(and this is the short list) 

-High fructose corn syrup 

-Acesulfame K (Sweet One)


-Saccharine (Sweet-N-Low)

-Aspartame (Equal, Nutra-Sweet)

-Truvia (Sun Crystals)


-Corn Syrup 

- Alitame

- Cyclamates

- Neohesperdine

- Neotame

- Rebiana

- Thaumatin


There are so many sweeteners on the market. Yet another reason to not buy foods with labels. If you really want to kick the sugar habit, eliminate processed foods so you know what you are consuming. Even trace amounts can light up the brain causing more cravings. Fruits can also trigger this response. 


If you feel like you have to sweeten foods, you know you need to change your tastebuds. After weening yourself off those darn addicting sweet foods, whole foods (not to be confused with whole grains) will start to taste sweeter. When your blood sugar balance starts to fall into play, I do recommend only raw honey, molasses or REAL maple syrup as a sweetener. In time, you will find that you don't need to have sweeter foods. Trust me, I am the walking legend for this.