September 26, 2016


One of the biggest peeves of mine is to google information and have to sort through pages of mumbo-jumbo to get an answer. The goal of these blogs is to share the most relevant information in a few short paragraphs. 


I have put off blogging for years because of this reason. I thought blogs were stories long of information and I didn't have time for that. So let's get to the chase before I rant to you about what I had for breakfast for the last few weeks and what I think of this election. Frankly you don't care. I don't even care.


I don't sell products, cleanses, juices, shakes, or leggings for business. The next latest and greatest shake and protein powder will not make you happier. 21 days of counting food via colored containers, weighing food or gagging down the next microwave TV dinner is not what I do. 


NTPs specialize in functional health. We don't count calories. Who is to say your caloric intake should be 1200-1800 per day anyway? If we are trying to constantly keep track of calories, I might as well make it worth it by eating doughnuts, pizza, and milkshakes. At least that tastes good. If a calorie is a calorie, wouldn't that make sense to lose weight? Why are we always trying to consume lower calorie foods? Don't we want to eat foods that actually nourish our body, mind and soul? (My soul would do really well on milkshakes when I get to heaven....) 


Food is meant for nourishment. A few hundred years ago our ancestors ate food that was grown from a plant. Not made IN a plant, factory or GMO. NTPs focus on what foods are NOT right for you and what foods can aid you in your healing process. Think about your skin, hair, bones, cells, and blood. What's that made from? The food you eat. And even the non-food we consume. Our body miraculously fights on, but we are seeing a shift in higher obesity, cancer, arthritis, ADHD, depression, eczema, allergies... the list goes on and on. Diseases are manifestations from our environment. Not just because we are getting old. It's time to know how to eat once again- something that used to be our primal instinct. We have to relearn how to eat. Tell that to our ancestors a few hundred years ago. 



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