Nutrition presentations made by an NTP and for anyone who wants to teach!

These presentations are great for lunch-n-learns, schools, corporations and/or grocery stores! The options are endless. This is a great way for nutrition professionals to get their name and face out there. 

In the words of Weston A. Price: 

"You teach. You teach. You teach!"

Upon purchasing, choose Powerpoint or Keynote. View the descriptions to see how many slides there are in each package. A 30-45 slide package usually runs an hour, depending on tangents and questions. Review all of the slides before teaching a class to familiarize yourself with the topics and material.

Upon downloading, I kindly ask that you do not share this material with others.

You are more than welcome to customize these to your liking: add, take away and personalize each presentation for your class. 

New topics will be released: stay tuned!