"There is no one right diet for everyone, so rest assured you won't be categorized as a statistic. And put away the measuring devices: no weigh scale and measuring cups needed here. Don't diet. Change the way you eat."

Working With Me



Initial Meeting

We can meet in person, Skype or on the phone. Your initial interview will include a health history and extensive questionnaire. We will dive into your health concerns and health goals.


Nutrition Consult

Functional evaluation.

Supplemental support.

Food journaling. Your body actually tells you what it wants and doesn't. Learn how to tap in and use the tools you have in front of you.





Nutrition protocols, lifestyle choices and 

support are provided for you. Gut health, blood sugar balance, food allergies and detox are all paths to your well being. 

Upon our initial meeting, we will determine whether to meet once a week or every other week for the first month. All forms must be filled out and scanned or sent back 72 hours before your first appointment. 


Initial visit can be up to 90 minutes: $100

60 minute follow ups: $80

30 minute follow up: $50

Insurance can be billed through your HSA account